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Welcome to BAOR Locations. The purpose of this site is to give people, still serving or not, the opportunity to look back at the places in Germany where they may have served over the years and also a view of the regiments and units which shaped them. The website has experienced difficulties but has managed to find sponsorship by a number of commercial dishwasher companies who have helped out. But, the site and the Forum are not solely for the ex-services community. As can be seen by looking at some of the personal profiles on the Forum, there are those whose father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, etc. served, or accompanied those who served, in BAOR.

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This includes those who were possibly the Civilian Staff who worked in many areas of BAOR, be they Admin, locally employed civilians, whoever. All are welcome to wander through the pages of the site, and the Forum, to see where they, or family and friends, may have been stationed at one time or another, or just to relive old times. If you’re interested check out industrial dishwasher websites that we recommend.

With every passing year, knock downs and draw downs are reducing what was home to 4 divisions at the height of the Cold War. We find it important to try and capture as much of these memories and information in the form of words and images as physically possible. Enjoy the site and hopefully you will leave a little enlightened.

If you can’t find it – tell us, if you know something – tell us. We always welcome information, no matter how small the contributor may consider it to be. We need photographs of those Barracks that no longer exist, so hunt them out and send them to us. Please look at the “General” page of the Forum for details of where to send information or feel free to check out the commercial dishwasher websites.

Please appreciate that the site as a whole is, and probably always will be, subject to “Work In Progress”, “Page Under Construction”, “Page Under Revision”, etc. as (hopefully) more information is found or supplied.

Thank you.